Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stronger than ever !

Being stucked with your assignment , project work , Not even a single holidays ? ( except saturday ) , it's tiresome and you feel like your almost gonna loose your breathe ( P.S: hard time ) ! And i just happened to manage few time somehow . So this afternoon i headed towards my mom's wardrobe and look what i found ? HAHA' i just love this outer of her , and then i decided on taking some photographs .
For the match up i'm wearing maroon skinny pants which i bought ( not long ago ) from Daisy , Along with animal printed heels from Lady's bug .
And for the accessories I've teamed it up with silver belt and my very own golden topaz's locket .
Okay guys ! That's all for now (: Stay tuned .. Loves ..


  1. Cute blog!! The floral outer looks adorable! <3

    Keep inspiring sweetheart!

    MLU the blog.

  2. Great outfit darling!:)

  3. thanks for visiting my blog :)
    nice post anyway ;)

  4. Please allow me to comment from a guy's perspective, and tell you that you look gorgeous in high heels. They really compliment your feminine figure and make your legs look sooo sexy.


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