Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello sun-shines! (NFDC award 2013)

Hello sun-shines! Greetings from the core of my heart! Hope you guys are living your life to the fullest and so am i! But it's been like couple of days, I've been taking medicine.. Running nose and watery eyes is what all i got right now! And trust me it's really annoying! Sigh*

So the last post was all about Red day celebration 2013. After that we immediately had been told to be part of NFDC (National Film Development Company) award 2013, 50th anniversary of Nepal film industry 2069 B.S. Our semester were chosen and working hard in so little time with all those pressure is what a designer can do right? Ha-ha! Being surrounded by tons of celebrities and thousands of audience with their round of applause was actually a great experience and achievement at the same time! It was a bliss indeed! Each student were given celebrity to work with and Nishma Ghimire was my client! Pretty enough to be friendly with, had a great moment working with her! Since the song she was going to perform was classic one, I had to make a green velvet dress combined with black net and details that got the taste of classic style.

Talking about the outfit i wore, I was the black lady for that particular day! Ha-ha! Since i'm quite obsessed with vintage look, skirt is all that pop into my mind every minute! Put on the full circular skirts, teamed it up with printed collar tops and a nice pair of comfortable wedge heels (: Not to forget my favorite leather bags!


Actually this is the late post and this pictures are all i got at the moment! Couldn't post it at the time as i was having my exams! Extremely sorry for that! (: And ladiesssss! Don't forget to hype this look here. That's all lovelies! Hope you guys will share some hearts!!!

With love, Laxmi ❤