Sunday, August 31, 2014

Casual fun

So it was just a yesterday I went on a road trip with my pretty cousins to a place called Taudaha! And since the weather these days are unpredictable, all thanks to god it didn't rain even a single drop! No wonder feeding food to tremendous amount of fish and listening to live band music with so many foods to eat was the high light part of the day!

Yes! Yet another casual day! Been nearly a month, I came across to this shop named Pretty polly and found this tops embroided with sequence at the shoulder area! I wanted to pair it with the skirt but I teamed it up with my H&M Jeans instead to give it a pretty casual look and Givenchy bag which is my all time favorite! I know I've been gaining weight day by day and still I'm trying my best to loose some! Ha-Ha!

xx What am I wearing xx
Embroided tops - Pretty polly
Jeans - H&M
Bags - Givenchy
Wedge - Princess

That's all lovelies! I apologize for being a week late to come up with new post! I assure you to be back next week with interesting post! Don't forget to hype my look here! See you soon till then shower me with some love and get some back too! Stay pretty!

With love, Laxmi

Sunday, August 17, 2014

DIY - Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are quite popular nowadays and the fashionable girls just couldn't get enough with it! But seriously girls, why waste your money when you still have so many useless old pair of jeans just stuck inside your wardrobe? And Since I don't own a single pair and wanted to get one, I thought it's better to style my old jeans rather than keeping it to rot away! So I grabbed my old pair of jeans and started to scratched on the marked area with the help of paper cutter! Finally with the fully capable hands, I have my very own DIY - Boyfriend jeans now!

Despite this masculine name, I teamed it up with my cozy tops and a nice pair of wedge giving it a feminine touch including little accessories! I kept it simple! Remember girls, All you have to do to wear boyfriend jeans is to select a pair that fits and flatters you enough to match it with a variety of gorgeous tops and foot wear!

xx What am I wearing xx
Tops - Bangkok
Old jeans - Local store
Wedge - Princess
Steel bangles - India
Neck piece - New looks


So anybody out there who still wants to get your money wasted? If not then you should definitely start to play with your old jeans with no regrets! That's all lovelies! Don't forget to hype my look here on lookbook! See you next week till then shower me with some love and get some back too! Stay pretty!

With love, Laxmi

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pop of red

Not a long time ago, I came across by this shop named "New looks" and bought this pointed toe pump heel since I find red color very much deadly gorgeous! From that moment I was on urge to get the right time to collaborate it pretty well with the other clothing wear! But the weather nowadays are unpredictable and all thanks to god, It's a beautiful sunny day! No rain, No pain! Yes lovelies! That very right time for me finally!

Since black and red combination goes along pretty well, I paired up my pointed toe pump heels with polka dots top and pencil skirt along with the black leathery clutch! Giving it bit of feminine touch, I accessorized it with the golden spike necklace and  the gorgeous ear-ring got as a gift couple of weeks ago!

xx What am I wearing xx
Polka dot tops - New looks
Pointed toe pump heel - New looks
Golden spike necklace - New looks
Red and golden mixed ear-ring - Colette by colette hayman
Black vintage leather clutch - Bangkok
Pencil skirts - Blush

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With love, Laxmi

Saturday, August 2, 2014


August is already here and no wonder time flies by in a blink of an eye! Greetings lovelies! I was trying to make a post since last week but due to some technical problem couldn't get a chance! And with the promise of being regular, I'm here with a quick post about the picnic I went with my pretty cousins last week at Thankot! Not a good place actually to hang around compared to other but it's always a good time when you're surrounded with your loved ones right?

Well, As you guys might know Casual looks are preferred nowadays at most rather than chic and girly, I'm pretty much obsessed with casual crop tees! Bought this jersey design crop tees not a long time ago and found it pretty worth-able wearing one! And since I've been gaining weight day by day, you guys better should ignore my fat tummy! lol Not blabbering too much...

Crop top - Blush, High waist Jeans - Calvin Klein & Chunky flat shoes - Princess

That's all for now lovelies! And as usual, don't forget to hype my look here! May you guys have a wonderful August full of joy and bliss! See you on next post till then share some love and get some back too!

With love, Laxmi

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wedding post - III

Lately my blog has been bloomed with lots of taste with colors and love if you guys might've noticed! Yes lovelies! Another wedding post on a row! What could be more interesting thing than being part of all those blissful moment? Number of people, loud music, delicious foods and not to forget all the gorgeous ladies beautifully draped by Sarees totally nailed the day! And since Sarees and Lehenga (What my friends are wearing) aren't cup of my tea, going with my own tradition, I preferred bakkhu (What I am wearing) instead and teamed it up with pretty bangles and brooches! Beamed with joy, we took numbers of pictures! Sharing little love from yesterday....

YAYYYY! Congratulation and lots of blessing to the lovely couple!

This is it! Another happiest wedding day indeed! I bet you guys pretty liked it! And if you guys haven't gone through my old wedding posts yet, feel free to visit Wedding post and Wedding post - II. Make sure to shower your thoughts about this post and Also don't forget to hype my look here! See you next week till then share some love and get some back too!

With love, Laxmi

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wedding post - II

Greetings lovelies! It haven't been a quite while since I made a last post here! Just keeping promises of being regular, I'm here with an another quick post about an amazing wedding ceremony of our Uncle we just had yesterday! I had super fun with my beautiful cousins and was super excited at the same time so couldn't help myself to share little love among you all! To remind you, I've posted something about similar topic last year! If you guys want to know more about our wedding culture you can take a look at Wedding post! And also I deeply apologize for some bad quality picture!

That's all I got for today! Don't forget to hype my look here on look-book and be a part of my little world! See you guys real soon till then stay pretty, stay unique!

With love, Laxmi