Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A noteworthy journey

Guess who's back ladies? Yes it's me! The Miss. totally lost and I bet you guys must be wondering the reason behind my absence? Yeah girls! It's already more than a week that I've not been able to blog. Not because I was being lazy bum! HA-HA! Infact I was in a journey with my dad for 2 nights, 3 days! So how many of you have visited Nepal? If you haven't yet, you better should hurry and pack your bag pack because there are no others country like beautiful Nepal! And I feel glad that some parts of our country are still untouched, riched with it's natural beauties! So MANANG is one of the most beautiful place indeed, just like a paradise! It's a popular place among tourist that they usually prefer for trekking and not forgetting it's mesmerizing environment, I'm pretty sure you'd fall for it!

Few years ago when there were no proper construction of the road, people used to go there by walking! It used to take atleast more than 3 or 4 days! Yeah you heard? And I still remember we did the same thing 4 years ago! Even though it was a struggle, I believe one must have an experience in life in it? So this time we went in Manang safari as there are many new road way and it took exact 12 hours to reach there! That was such a pain in our ass! lol And since the road are unstable, trust me girls, our heart literally popped out! It was a scary moment yet adventurous one! Okay enough with my blabbering! HA-HA! Memories is all we have so let the pictures tell the story!

This is the hotel where we spent our first night!

Meet my dad! One of a huge Buddhist follower!

The room was all clean and tidy..

Until we unpacked our stuffs! LOL!

Time for some close up dad!


Sorry dad! I wanted to put this picture because I was looking better! :3

Every time! Any where! With his same pose Ha-ha!

Take 1: He told me to take out the pictures of huge hill behind him!

Take 2: Mission accomplished! Can you see that tiny little man? lol
The school..

And the kids!

Remember this young man? He showed up again later saying he wants to take picture with his uniforms on! Ha-ha

Bazaar over there!

Let's make some chinese eyessssss!

The hotel where we spent our 2nd night!

So that's it girls! Hope you enjoyed reading it and make sure to choose this place as your next holiday spot! (; I'm sure you won't regret it! And since this isn't about an outfit post, I'll be back with one sooooooon! Till then, keep on updating me!

With love, Laxmi