Saturday, August 18, 2012

Peach love ♥

Hello beautiful ! It feels great to be back as it has been such a long time since i was away from blogging ! I couldn't post because of my heavy assignment and works ! Sigh* as usual .. So you can blame on me , seriously . And i missed blogging like hell ! It's Saturday and i somehow made time to take quick photographs of mine , let's start then !

For now i'm wearing this lovely peach colour tops ( Banana republic ) , sent by my beautful cousin from US  . I'm so in love with this color as it is simple yet beautiful . I've teamed it up with this long parallel pants along with high laced heels (: I took these photographs in so little time , giving it vintage looks , it turned out well i guess . What do you think guys ? Ignore the bad quality ladies .

So what you think about this looks ? Hope you guys like it as i'm expecting your lovely response . Well then , that's all for now and yeah i promise i won't get lost from now on for sure . See you on my next post lovelies ! (: Stay tuned for more updates ! 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tie me a bow

Okay for now' this one goes to all the beautiful bow lovers out there ! As our Red day is near ( one of the college programme ) i couldn't post something interesting for so long due to all those heavy assignment and practical stuff . So some how i got to manage some time for simple thing " Tie me a bow " Since the highlight of the post is the bow i just took some of these close up pictures of mine , putting dusk and urban effects (: This was taken before heading towards college ..

So how many of you are one of those bow lovers ? Simple yet so classy . That's all for now ! Will be back with another new post soon (: Stay tuned for more updates . Loves ..

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forever Young

LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS <--This sentence has always inspired me to be forever young . And since i'm in my last teen now , i won't blame it . Haha' So hello Beautiful girls out there (: I'm back with another post , with lots of love , this BIG smile on my face , hoping you guys will love it ! Just like past days' i took some photographs , beamed with joy , couldn't help myself to blog again . And thanks to my brother for taking all those photographs ( Only agreed when i insisted , i even begged for it , Geez ! ) Okay Let's start with the photographs now . .

For today' I m wearing Floral outer with lil animal prints on it . I got this one from Bangkok , teamed it up with white vest , black shorts and flats . As i always choose comfy outfit , the results came out perfectly . Easy to wear and be comfortable with . And for summer it's the best for outdoor even it looks a bit fancy (: For the accessories' i m wearing a huge chain and stone ring from my dad's collection , Bangles gifted by cousins from India  .

Okay time for duck face now ! :*

    One more time yaaaay ! :*

That's all for now .. Good day people (: And yes , Stay young forever ! All my love <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My very own " Wishlist "

Hola my lovely readers' its been so long that i've ever posted on my blog . I missed blogging as i wasn't able to use net since it was expired , BIG TIME ! && now i'm here with my another post " My very own Wishlist " . Actually i chose this topic because i couldn't manage time for my own photo shoot this time . I seriously wanted to but due to all those strike and Nepal bandh , i was still stucked with my pending assignment , even-though my college was off . Now this shows how much lazy bum i am lol . So for now , I've collected this photographs from Google and made my wishlist :D . Fetish for dress , shoes , accessories , blaaaah ! Sometimes i wonder why we girls don't ever get satisfied with all those stuff we got ? Never ending demands . And that's same with me ! So this are my wishlist , wanting them so bad !

1. Jeffrey Campbell

Shoes with vintage inspiration , Campbell are on my first list ! They are so beautiful  !!

2. Red Skinny Jeans
Making you feel bold enough . I love red colors !

3. Accessories
For feminity , accessories and jewellary rules !

4. Perfume
Perfume' the secret for beauty ! I seriously need one of those' since i'm almost running out of it .

5. Wedding dress

And last but not the least' my very own wedding dress ! Every girls dream (:

And i bet you guys got numbers of wishlist , HA-HA ! And I'm so glad that i've got 161 lovely followers . It's only been 3 months i've been blogging , i'm getting sweet response every day from you beautiful people  (: So happy indeed . Heart-full thanks to all my adorable followers , you guys just ROCKS :D

Okay then that's all for now . I will be back with another post very soon , till then stay tuned , all my love <3

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Walking through the hills

Hellow lovelies , As we had Nepal bandh for almost two days ( Strike ) i was hella bored staying at home ! And it's Saturday people (:  decided " why not going around those lovely hills and explore the beautiness of the nature ? " So quickly called up my lovely cousins and headed towards the destination . As you can see today was extremely hot day , so going with casual was best ! And as i have mentioned about shopping on my last post ? So this was what i bought ( one of them ) , A yellow polka dot tops . I teamed it up with black high waist shorts , white t-shirts and flats for sure ! Let's start with the photographs now ..

And for the accessories' i am wearing hornick stone and yes , I'm carrying my all time favorites red leather bag ! We had hella fun and unfortunately it rained while we returned home :'/ Couldn't take much photographs . And i had good experienced WALKING THROUGH THE HILLS ! Sorry for the bad quality picture ! That's all for now . Stay tuned for the more updates .. Loves ..

Monday, May 7, 2012

One two three weeeeeeeee

Since my weekends was almost going to over' i decided to make my actual day A SOBBING SHOPPING DAY ! So rushed quickly towards the New road , met my lovely cousins , ate lot of delicious food and of course' bought some dresses for myself . I was so much excited because it's been a long that I'vent bought any sensable dress ! And was pretty much happy that i got to meet my cousins and we got a time to spend some moments together ( as every one keeps being busy with their own life ) For the day , i chose to wear black pants and purple t-shirt teamed with black outer and light purple heels as black and purple has always been a good combination for me (: Sorry for the bad quality pictures . Blame it on my phone !! Hope you guys will like this pictures of mine .....


And after trying some outfit , i end up buying three dresses for myself . Okay now' you guys probably must be thinking what i bought that day ? HAHA I'm sure going to let you know on my next post (: Till then stay tuned for more updates ... all my love <3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Picture perfect memories

Okay guys , I'm having a weekend and still there's no fun . Suffering from LACK OF FUN DAYS , no one to spend time with , what else would be worst than this ? My girlfriends are busy with their own life , and I can't wait my weekends to be over , it's way more better during college time . And now I'm collecting some memories through this post , remembering all those days I've spent with them . This pictures are already in my Facebook actually , so the one who isn't on my friend list can check this out (:  Here it goes like this (: Enjoy the pictures . .

The above pictures were taken when we took a small trip inside our home town called Single tree . Day to remember (:


HAHA' Shes cute
Swiz roll , yummmmmmm !

Cheers guys !

Damn , i am already missing my friends so much . It really is pleasure to be with them . They are PRECIOUS !! Can't wait to see them . Have a great weekend though , my lovely peeps (:
That's all for now ! MY PICTURE PERFECT MEMORIES <3

Monday, April 30, 2012

It's classic

Hellow readers , been a long time that i haven't got enough time for blogging ! Going through hectic day's worst . And when you get rid of your studies , specially the exams :'/ it really feels good , oh yeah . So this is the pending one from my picture perfect list ! The outer , parallel pants and a pair of heels , what else would be better than this for a casual ? So I'm wearing the thing that can make you comfortable enough . Lets' go , start with it . .

That's all peeps ! Stay tune for more updates (:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer breeze

As the sun and the sky touch together , everything seems to be perfect ! Beamed with joy' i couldn't help myself but captured those moments to remember . Today was such a beautiful day , who on earth would want to missed those chance ? Forgetting all those watery eyes and running nose' i teamed up with my beautiful cousin sonam and she was the one behind all this . I just love her to bits (:

Keeping those same atmosphere on the mind , i came up with the plain black summer sleeve wear , along with floral printed jumper pants . For the accessories' pearl has always been my all time favourites ! I've repeated same heels from the last post to team with the outfit . And this went beautifully along with the environment , oh yes ! it actually worked .

And i called it SUMMER BREEZE ! That's all for now , all my love (: