Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wedding post - III

Lately my blog has been bloomed with lots of taste with colors and love if you guys might've noticed! Yes lovelies! Another wedding post on a row! What could be more interesting thing than being part of all those blissful moment? Number of people, loud music, delicious foods and not to forget all the gorgeous ladies beautifully draped by Sarees totally nailed the day! And since Sarees and Lehenga (What my friends are wearing) aren't cup of my tea, going with my own tradition, I preferred bakkhu (What I am wearing) instead and teamed it up with pretty bangles and brooches! Beamed with joy, we took numbers of pictures! Sharing little love from yesterday....

YAYYYY! Congratulation and lots of blessing to the lovely couple!

This is it! Another happiest wedding day indeed! I bet you guys pretty liked it! And if you guys haven't gone through my old wedding posts yet, feel free to visit Wedding post and Wedding post - II. Make sure to shower your thoughts about this post and Also don't forget to hype my look here! See you next week till then share some love and get some back too!

With love, Laxmi