Thursday, October 17, 2013


Summer's almost over and i can feel the chill air every second! It's been like more than couple of days that continuous rain has been ruining my day.. that results "No post" at the moment! Bad weather is seriously not so cool and since I've promised to update every once a week no matter what, i had to go through the old pictures! It doesn't mean one should only have an outfit post right? Memories do counts! And so the pictures!

Anyway this post is about the time when i, dad and my brother visited Manang in 2007. I know this sounds a very once upon a time! Ha-ha! But still i want you guys to know how amazing my village is! Rich-ed with green scenery, beautiful hills, snowy mountain.. cannot ask for more! So how many of you have gone through my post A noteworthy journey? Well it's about Manang 2013 and i'm sure you guys'll like it! Going to throwback, i used to have a bang, chubby cheeks and long silky hair! Ta-ha! Perfect memories!

These pictures were captured by my camera and i hope you guys pretty enjoyed it (: I'll be right back with a new post next week! Till then share some love.. See you lovelies!

With love, Laxmi ❤

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let the weather challenge us

So it all started when i and my lovelies decided to go on a picnic since it was the beginning of our vacation. We then headed towards Godawari ( Evergreen spot ), we were pretty much excited until the rain started to show up! Wah!!! I know winter's already knocking at the door and we can already feel the chilled air... Still we were like why on earth does it have to be rainy day all of the sudden? But then... Thought "We shouldn't let our day spoiled just because of the rain right? Cool! Let the weather challenge us!!!" And to our surprise, the rain stopped as soon as we got there! Beamed with joy, we couldn't wait for ourselves to unpack those loaded bags, lol and capture the beautiful moments!

Yet another casual day! Teamed up my denim jackets with high waist pants and printed Tees, i ended up mixing a little bit of girly recipe by wearing those pointed heels! And since it was chilled environment, couldn't get a chance to take picture with the jackets off or else i'm sure you guys would've love the prints on it! Ha-ha! Delicious foods, favorite pals to hang out with and mesmerizing moments.. What else we need? (:

That's all readers! My friends are quite fashionable too right? They are amazing! (; Hope you guys enjoyed with reading and i'm trying my best to be regular blogger... so i'll often be here with new post every once a week! Don't forget to hype my look! Share some love... See you...

With love, Laxmi ❤

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little prince and princess 2013'

Been like more than a couple of weeks, we kept on missing our classes, not informing the co-ordinator and management, we prolly must have become the wanted group now! Ta-ha! But i think sometimes it's fine enough to be one! lol We were quite worried about our studies so we attended our class last Tuesday and surprisingly found out it was the last day of the college! Almost one months vacation! It was YAY moment! :P

So GREETINGS!!! I know i'm not being proper regular to blog and i'm always like giving explanation on the same topic.. Pretty sure you guys might've notice that! Anyway today's post is about LITTLE PRINCE AND PRINCESS 2013 which was held in last Sunday! NEPAL FASHION HOUSE were sponsor and they had to provide a dress for each participants! And since we are in a learning stage, we decided to help them! There were four of us and we had to work for almost one months!

And about the outfit, i made up my mind not to go far as i pretty much knew.. all we have to do is rush here to there with kids at the backstage! Noting that i paired up my collar-Tee with a high waist pant and not to forget a comfy chunky flats! Kept it simple! Trust me it was so hard to deal with those kids! And one thing you should know i usually don't prefer make up.. little bit of lipstick and bang! I'm done!!!

Cherished the moments working with my best friends! Kids! Sharing some love through the pictures...

Well this is it! Apologize for the some bad quality pictures! (: Don't forget to hype this look here. Trying my best to update every once a week.. Stay tuned lovelies! Share some hearts!

With love, Laxmi ❤