Monday, January 6, 2014

The winter bliss

Happy 2014 lovelies! Greetings! Enjoying your pretty winter days? So am I! And talking about yesterday we had a Welcome and farewell college programme and taking advantage, I came up with a quick post since it's already been a very very long time I've posted something new! Winter clothes aren't actually cup of my tea but as I've promised last time to be back with one, I decided to team up my cozy black blazers with high waist navy pants and red tops! The perfect red and blue combination makes you look bold and gives you strength and not to forget a nice pair of heels, I was satisfied enough with my first 2014 looks and that is why I called it "The winter bliss".

Blazer - Daisy, Tops - Trendy queens, Pants - Pretty polly & Heels - Forever21

Friends, foods, love and music! What else we need? (; That's all for today lovelies! Don't forget to hype my look HERE! Follow me on INSTAGRAM and get followed back! See you soon till then share some love! Stay pretty! Stay wild!

With love, Laxmi ❤