Tuesday, July 9, 2013

RED DAY 2013

Surprise! Surprise!! Look who's here? Yes it's me my lovely readers! The one who always end up getting stuck with her bunch of studies and assignment.. And trust me guys.. Being a fashion student isn't an easy thing! Too much pressure of submission and project work in so little time is truly a challenging! Not being able to sleep properly, not being able to wander around with friends like every body else does, I don't regret the decision that I made with my life! I don't regret that at-least i'm not wasting my time doing unproductive things! I'm working really hard and so am happy with the way I live and the way I'm. So you guys shouldn't be blaming on me for not being regular in blogging world right? Ha-ha!

Well, I'm here today with an interesting post.. Red day 2013.. The college designer contest which is  held once in every year among IEC student! During this day every student are meant to be dressed properly and beautifully. And being in such reddish and feminine environment, the feeling was totally awesome. Every body looked so perfect and were pretty much excited, getting dressed on their own creation, who wouldn't be right? Not forgetting the best part of the day.. Being the centre of attention, walking on the ramp with all those disco and glittery lights, loud music, people cheering up and the certain moment where you are pampered with your own imagination while posing ha-ha.. It was a bit nerve reckling moment at the same time it was totally awesome!

And actually it was a sudden decision to take part in a contest at the very last minute.. We were so out of time and idea that we had to spend a night in a college! You guys heard? lol Sleeping for at-least one hour in a cutting board lol and no proper meals.. you guys don't have idea on how did we finish our garment over a night! It was totally unforgettable funny moment for us indeed.. Getting to the dress I made, all I wanted was to make something that can be wearable even in casual and elegant way.. And since I'm obsessed with prints.. I decided to go on with one.. teamed up with buttons, feather earings and bangles which were gifted by my best friend Suzata not a long time ago.. 

That's all lovelies! Hope you had fun reading my articles since I blabber too much Ha-ha! And don't forget to hype my look here (: See you on my next post.. Till then keep on updating me..

With love, Laxmi ❤