Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lost in cities.

Hello readers! I don't have to attend any classes at the moment because of my upcoming exam! It was supposed to be on tomorrow but due to some strike in India, it got postponed! SO-YAY! I'm so happy, so happy that I can finally breathe at ease now! I'm pretty sure that you guys also hate exams, right? TE-HE! So okay, this post is about the time when I visited my friend's place in Anamnagar, one of the crowded city of Kathmandu, Nepal that I've visited so far. I had a great day and to my surprise all I could see from the rooftop was the view of crowded cities! And the fact of people being crowded into cities is indeed a distressing fact of life which you guys also know! Isn't it? I was totally into it! Totally lost! So named it as "Lost in cities". It was such a captivating moment and I couldn't help myself to capture it some.

That day, dark theme popped on my mind! So I decided to go on with something black and white! Teamed up black jeans and outer with peacock inspired printed tops which I'm so much in love with. I added up some accessories such as bangles which I got from India when my parents visited there last time and the locket as well as ring I'm wearing are from my dad's collection! He gave me them a years ago! And wedges with flower on it. Winter is almost over and spring is already knocking the door! So ladies, you can blame on sunny weather for such kind of quality picture! Can't even see my face properly! Ha-ha! 

That's all for now! And ladies, don't forget to hype this look here. I'll be back with another interesting one soon. Till then keep on loving me and I'll love you back for sure! (:

With love, Laxmi 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bed of roses - Bon jovi ♥

Greetings readers! I'm late! Utterly late that I haven't post for more than two weeks! And it's not like I've been quite lazy but I was pretty stucked with my stuff since we were having our new year LHOSAR! I'm quite sure that some of you don't have any idea about it! Or do you? So here I am with a quick post! It's a valentine's day today, so keeping that on my mind I decided to go on with something red! Something casual! Something that you can easily wear it! So as usual I made a quick rush to my mom's wardrobe and look what I found there! TA-DA! Cozy sweater with beautiful flowers print on it, that's why I named my post, Bed of roses - Bon jovi ♥ And for today's post, I decided to wear this sweater with blue bonny jeans along with cream color collar shirt! As blue and red combination go on smoothly, I'm glad that it turned out to be fine casual outfit! Oh btw not forgetting about the heels, I love black color and the prints on it! Here it goes ♥

So girls what you think about this post? Feel free to let me know! And don't forget to hype this look here. I promise, I'll be back soon with interesting outdoor post next week! Till then stay tuned lovelies! Have a great weekend!xx

P.s: Happy valentine's day lovelies! Enjoy with your loved ones! Blessage*

With love, Laxmi