Sunday, January 27, 2013

The wild part of me

Do you ever had strange kind of feelings when you were around woods? Do you ever felt like you suddenly forget the world that you left behind and felt as everything has just stopped for a moment, only for you? Or do you ever got totally lost in it's magical environment? I know most of your answer would be yes because the same thoughts and feelings strike on my mind when I visited there last time. It was such a pleasant day, little bit of blowing winds and a sunny day in a winter! What could be the best moment more than this? It was such a precious moment to treasure, indeed.

I was totally captivated by it's beautiful hills, woods along with it's scenery riches with full of evergreen beauty. It was as just as i was laying in the arms of the nature. It was utterly amazing. So, here I am with my another post where I tried my best to relate the topic and of course the outfit with each other very well. Okay i preferred to wear dark color rather than those brightful one. Well the outer I'm wearing is actually my mom's! Ha ha! This was brought by my dad when i was child and I am amazed that she still have it. I love the prints on it so much that I decided to wear it along with the tiger print T-shirts which I got last time when my dad came back from Bangkok. Teamed it up with black jeans and red heels to emphasized on it. For the accessories, I'm wearing wooden bangles! And I got this as a gift from my dearest friend when she came from India. Here it goes 

That's all for today! Hope you guys pretty like it (: I'll be back again with a very interesting one. Till then keep on loving me gorgeous!

With love, Laxmi  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's vintage, It's me ♥

Hello readers, I'm back again with a new look today ! As we know every girls love vintage look and love being captured with some vintage moment,  It was such a great theme to work on with. Isn't it? So i couldn't help myself to give a pretty vintage look for my new post! And TA-DA! Here I'm, so much desperate enough to share with you beautiful girls out there! Oh It's a fine Saturday today. Even more fine day to take enough photographs. Called up my very pretty girlfriends, chose our favorite picnic spot, ate so much of delicious food and had so much of unforgettable fun! What else we need? I'm so much in love with these girls as i treasure them so much. And i bet there's no one to be with like them! It was such a " fine worthy Saturday " for me! (:

Okay for today, I made up my mind to wear this beautiful floral outer with a long black flairy skirt as this kind of skirt goes pretty well in vintage look! Teamed it up with a hat as it was such a sunny day and of course a pair of black heels! And as I've mentioned on my last post that I'm going to put so many of photographs, here it goes ♥

I'm so in love with this look that even i can't get my eyes off from it! HA-HA! What you think about this look? I'd love to hear from you guys! Don't forget to hype this look here. And yes to remind you, I'm pretty glad that my followers is almost about to reach 500. I'm so thankful my lovely readers and i really appreciate for it! That's all for now,  will definitely see you on next post! Have a nice day gorgeous!xx

With love, Laxmi.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love for nude heels ♥

Hello sexy ladies! As I've promised before, I'm here again with my very new post " Love for nude heels ♥  " So how many of you are Nude heels lover? I'm pretty sure many of you must be! Isn't it? (: Okay It's Friday today and I'm having a holidays for at least more than a week.  No college, no studies, no assignment! What'd be joyous moment more than this? BUT! Unfortunately it isn't anything like that! As soon as my holiday'd be over, I'm having final examination for my Bachelor 1st year in fashion design. Sigh! I'm not pretty prepared for it! I hate examination and I'm not happy, not at all. I'm rather worried so it's such a big time! Ha ha It'd be way more better not to think about that right now! So for today I'm here with a very simple look. As it's winter time, Red-Orange ( warm color) plain tees with black inner combination turned out very well! And what do you think about my jeans? I love the gray color so much that i couldn't help myself trying it with my heels. So here it goes ♥

That's all the pictures i got! There were few of them but it didn't came out well. And it's like I've been very lazy lately for not taking outdoors picture! The last time i took was in Walking through the hills. Ha ha! So i'm going to take some in my another post, so I promise i'll be back again with interesting one! And please ladies, hype this look here. I'll definitely hype you back!

With love, Laxmi Gurung.

Friday, January 11, 2013


You guys probably must be wondering why the CHUBBY word for my post? Ha ha. Actually you can look at my chubby thighs and cheeks yourself. Sigh* And that's why i always try to ignore wearing shorts. But i couldn't this time! :D

So guys, its already winter here and this is my about 2 months back, pending post. YEAH YEAH! I'm always stuck with my studies and my exam is still going on. But thank god today is Happy Saturday for me and i'm so glad to be back in my blog  

I was trying to wear some casual so i ended up wearing sleeveless collar shirts with half- sweater and a flats. What could be such a cute casual outfit than this? Ha ha. Everything i'm wearing from top to bottom is from Bangkok  As I've already said before, my mom and dad get them for me and i don't even have to shop much here.

This is the gift i got from my friend khusbu. She's blogger too (:

That's all i got for today. Btw what's your resolution for this year? Mine is that from now, i am definitely going to post new stuff, once a week/ two week no matter what. No excuses! And yeah Happy new year guys! Sorry for the late wishes (: Hope you guys will have a good and happy new start this year!xx