Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Liebster Award

Hello sweets! Guess what? I've been nominated twice for the Liebster Award at the same time by gorgeous ladies, Anna and Anne ❤ And the exciting part is that this is the first Award I've received so far. So I'm back again with another post as quick as I thought I'd be. This is the biggest surprise I've ever had! YAY! Thanks a bunch girls and I really appreciate it.

As I'm pretty sure most of you guys know about the Award thing, I'm putting the details for them who don't have an idea yet! (: Nomination Liebster Award is received from another blogger in the recognition of a "job well done" is awarded to blogs with fewer observers, so it gives the possibility of their deployment. After receiving the award you must follow the rules.

The rules are:

  1. Each blogger must post 11 random facts about themselves.
  2. The blogger must answer the questions that the person who awarded you has asked.
  3. Choose 11 new bloggers to give the award to.
  4. Come up with 5 new questions to ask the 11 new nominees.
  5. Let your nominees know about the award.
  6. Do not nominate a blog that nominated you.

Well I'm going to do both of their question answer together here by doing quickest and easiest method!  So that I don't have to post twice about the Liebster Award! Let's get started now!

The 11 random facts about me that you should know:
  1. I'm obsessed with vintage dress! So you can usually see me around with vintage look at the most.
  2. You will never be able to find me among the crowd. Yes! You got me right! I am not into clubbing, Not at all.
  3. I've never been on relationship till date! Pretty amazed? Yes I'm that much independent!
  4. In weekends, you will find me with my cousins the most rather than my friends even though I love them at equal.
  5. I love foooods! I can eat whatever until I wont get fed up. So my mom and dad always tell me that I'm quite choosy over food. Oh yeah! I get scold often, Ha-ha!
  6. I'm a huge animal lover. You will find me calling each of them whenever I ran into them either it's Dog or Monkey! My friends are usually like "Go get married" LOL!
  7. I love my dogs! I used to have 3 of them but unfortunately 1 of them left me last February! I still do miss you Jo-Jo!
  8. I've decided to do collection on heels! And I've already started it.
  9. I don't cry easily over something stupid reasons! My friends said I'm a strong girl. Because you will never find me crying in the corner. No never!
  10. "Don't judge the books by its cover" I love this proverb! And it really inspire me. 
  11. And no matter how much I argue with my mom, dad and brothers, I love them heaps! I know that isn't the only problem with me but the same with you all. Isn't it?
Answer for Anna's question:

1. If you had the opportunity to be an animal for a whole week. What animal would you want to be and why? :)
Bird of course! They can fly to wherever they want to go. Paris! That's where I eagerly want to fly! Ha-ha!
2. What is your most beloved item in your closet right now? :)
My mom's printed blouses! She gave me all of them last year.
3. What is your favorite nail polish right now? :)
Nude color one.
4. What is your favorite thing to do on a warm summer evening? :)
Go on a near river side with my favorite shorts and Tee on.
5. What is your newest makeup/nail polish/fashion item? What do you think of it so far? :)
My new forever 21 heels! I am wearing it on my last post! Visit here 

Answer for Anne's question:

1. Did she come up with outfits for pictures?
Of course!
2. What style do you like to dress?
As I've mentioned above, Vintage!
3. Heel or flat shoes?
Prefer both.
4. What if you had the choice of styling?
I would have done chic and vintage styling.
5. What is your favorite magazine modowy?
6. What cut of skirts do you like the most?
7. Do you have a person from the world of fashion, which is to inspire?
Yes Alexander MC queen. He's been a great inspiration for me and he always will be.
8. Does you stayed at a fashion show?
Yes just once! That was when we had Red day Fashion show.
9. Are you related to working with fashion?
I'd definitely say yes as I'm a student of fashion design.
10. Do you always are following the trends?
Tehe! Not really but sometimes.
11. Are like to search for clothes in second-hand'ach?
Ofcourse! Fashion is not about wearing expensive and brand new clothes only.

Now the 11 Blogs which've been nominated:


And my question to you:

1. How would you define yourself?
2. What's usually inside your bag?
3. If you were to choose between friends and Family? Only one*
4. What'd you wear for street style?
5. You wouldn't be caught in? Any one dress*
6. The best features you like about yourself?
7. Your best designer and why?
8. Finally your dream, your aim!

That's all lovelies! I congratulate those who've been nominated this time and those who haven't, I'm sure that day is coming near. And YAAAAAY! It's a celebration time! It's been a year that I've been blogging and I'm utterly happy to get all of your continuous and great support! I thank from the core of my heart to all of my lovely 1000 followers! And I believe there are still more to come. See you on my next post! Till then, keep on loving me. I'll definitely love you back.

With love, Laxmi 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring fever ❤

Greetings lovelies! YAY! Finally spring is here and as I've promised last time, I am back again with another post. Well it's a beautiful Sunday, the perfect sunny day with the atmosphere full of colors and love. I was pretty excited about the spring that I decided to go on with something that defines the word "Spring"! So I thought it'd be great to capture the  moment as I can finally see the blooming flowers and it really is such a mesmerizing moment! Beamed with joy, quickly called up my close friend and headed straight to this beautiful place called  "Garden of dreams" which lies in the heart of the city, Thamel, quite popular for the tourist and also known as a lover point where you can see many lovebirds all around! LOL! Almost a favorite place to hang out!

About my looks for today, I decided on going with something floral print so here is the blouse which I've teamed up with my casual jeans! And not to forget my forever 21 heels which I'm so much in love with. This look turned out pretty well and I guess it utterly suits the atmosphere as well as this is dedicated to spring! And even though I'm getting more chubbier day by day, no wonder the pictures turned out pretty good! Ha-ha! Here it goes 

That's all lovelies! I hope you guys pretty liked it (: and do let me know what you guys think! And to remind you all, don't forget to hype this look here. I'll be back real soon with another interesting post, till then keep on loving me and will definitely love you back.

With love, Laxmi 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Keep it simple as that!

Hello readers! Namaste! Greetings from Nepali language* After taking a long break, I'm back to blog's world again. Hey! It's not like I've become quite lazy but due to my exam, I decided not to surf net until it get finished! Because you guys pretty know that Internet is the biggest distraction over the studies, Right? And do you even got an idea about how did I spend my last week? Sigh* So no such thing as apology! Couldn't wait for my exam to be over and finally after continuous days of hesitation and pressure, YAAAYYYY! My exam just finished yesterday! It's not done exactly because two of my practical exam is yet to come but we do have many gap in between! So here I am, utterly happy, much excited to be back again with another post! Oh! Ignore the store room's back ground! Te-he!

Well, you can tell by a glance that this look is simple! Even though it is, it defines "Simple yet classy".  And I chose this as I decided to go on something new with me. Something that's easy going. Because times really matter, Isn't it? And we know very well how much girls take their time only for dressing themselves? HA-HA! That's the same problem with me. So I thought how about trying on my favorite Tee with maxi skirt? That's why I named it "Keep it simple as that!" I was about to wear my bat man tee but some how I ended up wearing this one. Teamed it up with maxi skirt which I've repeated from this post ---> Its vintage its me. And to remind you, you can combine any bold color with pastel one! I bet this whole combination'd be pretty good for summer wear indeed (:

That's all for now! The pictures could have been much more better but I had to delete so many of them due to bad effects on it. No worries though, I'll be back real soon with all those charm. Till then, share some love and get some back (;

With love, Laxmi 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wonderful tonight ♥

Greetings lovelies! As I've promised you guys to blog every week, I'm back again with another new post! And since our country Nepal is having a political problem at the moment, today is Nepal bandh (Closed)! That means NO transportation, NO education, NO fun, yeah you heard? Every thing's a BIG NO for today! Unfortunately, tomorrow is strike as well! And there's still a rumour about being strike till sunday? Wow! I always wonder what'd happen to our country if the situation of Nepal remain like this? But on the other hand, I'm happy though! At-least we get some time to spend together? No busy people around! HA-HA! And oh finally I got date for my exam i.e on 13th of march! The sad thing about it is that I won't be able to attend my cousin's wedding ceremony! What could be even more worst than this? I bet hearing all this from me, you can say I'm having such a BIG TIME! Isn't it? Sigh*

Okay this post is about the outfit when I wore during my best friend's 21st birthday treat! We went to Korean restaurant called Hangkok sarang where we had so much of fun that night! With lots of yummy food, music, loving people around, It was actually a best day to be remembered! And what else we needed? So as you can see, I wore flower printed red blouse and teamed it up with my coat! They both are actually from Bangkok! To add more details, I wore black belt underneath my coat with black leg-gins as well as carried black bag! And not to forgetting about my new ankle boots which I recently bought when I went for shopping! Got it at very reasonable price! Here it goes 

So guys! Feel free to comment what you think about this post? Let me know! And don't forget to hype this look here sweets (: I'll be back soon next week! Till then share some love!

With love, Laxmi