Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wedding post - II

Greetings lovelies! It haven't been a quite while since I made a last post here! Just keeping promises of being regular, I'm here with an another quick post about an amazing wedding ceremony of our Uncle we just had yesterday! I had super fun with my beautiful cousins and was super excited at the same time so couldn't help myself to share little love among you all! To remind you, I've posted something about similar topic last year! If you guys want to know more about our wedding culture you can take a look at Wedding post! And also I deeply apologize for some bad quality picture!

That's all I got for today! Don't forget to hype my look here on look-book and be a part of my little world! See you guys real soon till then stay pretty, stay unique!

With love, Laxmi

Sunday, June 15, 2014

J U N E - 2 ❤ 1 4

Oh it's June already and I'm here to let you guys know I still exists! lol It's been a way long time since I've made a last post, I don't know why I am always like giving explanation about not being regular which I truly detest about myself! Trust me guys I've become too much lazy to attend my regular classes, too much lazy to get updated with social sites except INSTAGRAM and so on! To be honest, only I've been doing by all this time is wasting time on unproductive things and gaining weight! Oh yes lots of weight! But Its never too late right? I've dyed my blonde hair into black too if you guys may not have noticed! I'll prolly get my pretty hair colored soon!

Well, this post isn't about an outfit but something that I was very much desperate to share! Some of you guys may have noticed this place! Oh yes, I've done couples of outfit post here as I always find this place very much mesmerizing with its captivating environment! These picture were actually from the first week of June when I went up there carrying the casual look with my brother and cousins! Since it was too hot, I chose denim T-shirt and teamed it up with my chunky flats, chunky bag, black high waist pant and casual sweater!  I got lots of picture but I know too much of it could be boring so I've only shared little love!


Baby brother

Since this is a quick post, haven't got lots to share! I'd be back real soon this time for sure! Don't forget to hype my look HERE and also you can be part of my INSTAGRAM lovelies! See you next Sunday till then share some love and get some love back!

                                                                           With love, Laxmi ❤