Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wedding post - II

Greetings lovelies! It haven't been a quite while since I made a last post here! Just keeping promises of being regular, I'm here with an another quick post about an amazing wedding ceremony of our Uncle we just had yesterday! I had super fun with my beautiful cousins and was super excited at the same time so couldn't help myself to share little love among you all! To remind you, I've posted something about similar topic last year! If you guys want to know more about our wedding culture you can take a look at Wedding post! And also I deeply apologize for some bad quality picture!

That's all I got for today! Don't forget to hype my look here on look-book and be a part of my little world! See you guys real soon till then stay pretty, stay unique!

With love, Laxmi


  1. u look beautiful in ur traditional attire
    and u look gorgeous
    btw do visit my blog, new post is up

  2. u look beautiful
    hope u had an awesome time in the wedding
    love it
    keep posting

  3. lovely~!


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  5. sweeeet!!!
    follow to follow?

  6. beautiful photos ;)


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