Monday, January 12, 2015

Farewell batch 2012

3 years have already passed in a blink of eye and I still can't believe our bachelor studies are almost going to be over! Couple of exams and we are done! College life have always been exciting and interesting when it comes about friends and practical works and at the same time hectic and headache when it comes about bundles of theories and never ending pending assignment! Ha ha!

Getting on the point not blabbering too much, this post is about the farewell programme organized by the Juniors! We were invited there with a proper formal get up and as saree isn't really cup of my tea, I chose to wear Bakkhu and made it my personal look of the day!

This is it lovelies! All thanks to our juniors and teachers, We had a bombastic moment! I am surely going to miss these good fellows during a lifetime journey! Also don't forget to hype my look here! I will be back pretty soon till then stay classy! Stay chic!


With love, Laxmi


  1. Hey,

    Such a cute post! I love it! I just started blogging, and it would be great if you could show some love on my page and maybe we could follow each other? I always follow back.

  2. Beautiful dress!

  3. Nice dress!
    I wait you on my blog, we can follow each others if you want <3


  4. Looks like a great phase! Nice post dear! How are you? I've been on long blog hiatus and just recently tried to get back to my blogging. Have redesigned my blog and now reconnecting with long time blogger friends like you. Hope to hear from you again soon! Keep in touch! :)

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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