Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am the highway : First post

Hello readers (: Since i'm new blogger , here's my first post . As we know , top has always been the first choice of girls ( most of them ) , you could see them mainly clad in white , with a dash of black , making their way through the busy street over to heaven . And when it comes down to the issue of dressing well , i usually prefer a top , leg-ins and a pair of nice heels . So i'm wearing this black top with white floral print from Bangkok as a happy gift from my dad .

FOR FEMINITY , details such as floral prints , heels and jewellery rules !

So besides top , i'm wearing black hight-waist belt along with black leg-ins . Front-laced 5.5 inch high heels , from people's plaza . And for the accessories , i'm wearing a silver chain with green hornik stone !

Now's the time to enjoy being a girl , be the first to bloom guys ! 

Stay tuned for the more updates . Loves ..


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